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The Masters Men’s Clinic was established in 2003 when there were very few clinics catering specifically to men’s health. Dr. Komer took his expertise on women’s hormonal issues, studied the rather limited information on men’s hormonal health, met with world experts and founded the Masters Men’s Clinic. Since then the clinic has seen and treated more than 6000 men from all across Canada and learned a great deal about men’s health and well-being. Dr. Komer has lectured both in Canada and internationally on men’s hormonal health.

Many physicians and most men think that testosterone affects only sex and muscles. They also have heard about athletes using illegal steroids and jump to the conclusion that the same goes for testosterone restoration therapy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Optimal testosterone levels are mandatory for consistently good function of the heart, blood vessels, brain, skeleton, blood, genitourinary tract, skin and almost every other body system. In particular the brain is very rich in receptors for testosterone; therefore with low testosterone levels there is an increased risk of depression, anxiety, irritability, loss of competitive drive, decreased concentration and foggy thinking and a lack of interest in going to social gatherings. The commonest feature of low testosterone that we see is fatigue. There can also be sleep disturbance, loss of muscle, increase joint pain and muscle ache, headache, pounding heart, hot flashes and sweats, an increase in breast tissue and an increase in weight. A lowering of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are common symptoms.

The Masters Men’s Clinic has developed its own proprietary detailed questionnaire called the Masters Andropause Screening Index© that each patient completes. This not only allows us to see all of the patients symptoms but it also shows to what degree each one is affecting the man. This gives us a score out of 250; we can redo the questionnaire after treatment to show the usual considerable improvement. In addition, each patient completes a depression index. It is very common for us to uncover an underlying depression that neither the man nor his physician have diagnosed. For example, of the last 26 new patients that I have seen, 22 have depression and only five have been clinically diagnosed prior to seeing us. Testosterone replacement will often clear depression and improve mood that antidepressants may not help.

The Masters Men’s Clinic not only restores testosterone but also checks other hormone levels that may need optimization. In appropriate individuals, we also use natural supplements where there is good scientific evidence for the treatments safety and effectiveness.